What to expect booking your

big day with us

The 40 ft x 120 ft tent

Our Main Wedding Tent

Our main wedding tent is a sectional tent, meaning we can add or subtract sections depending on your needs. We have two of these and they can vary in size from a 40ft x 40ft to a 40ft x 120ft.



Different Options

A full wedding reception is not all we do. We also do chairs for the just the ceremony.  Our white chairs look great with any ceremony. If you are planning an event at a venue other than a private residence we are able to deliver and pickup the same day.

Reserving Equipment

We try to make booking the equipment for your wedding as easy as possible. This starts with booking you at the high end of your expected guest list. After this you can rest assured you will have what you need when the day comes. Once we get closer to the wedding day we bring the number down to your expected guest list and you are charged for what you use, not what you originally booked.

How long do you get the equipment for?

This is another area where we strive to make it easy for the customer. For weddings, for the most part we bring the equipment when you want it. For a Saturday wedding this typically means setting up on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Getting it Wednesday instead of Thursday adds no extra charge. The tent is yours for the weekend, at the price we quote you, to decorate as you please.

Questions after booking

Once you book your big day with us you will be in constant contact with the owner. I will be the one who books the order, the one you speak with on the phone, and more often than not i will be at the event making sure the equipment is set up correcty and you have everything you need. I have my phone on me 24/7 during the summer months. Getting a question answered is as simple as calling or emaiing.


We take care of everything. As long as someone is on site to direct us we will carry and setup all of the equipment.

Tear Down

Again we try and keep this as simple as possible. Just as we set everything up we will take everything down. We typically come back the day after the event, and just like that your yard is back to normal.