Graduation Information

For more information and pricing please call. If you are unsure on tent size I make myself available to come and measure the property.



Pole Tents

Your typical yard tent with center poles and stakes around all sides. Keep in mind you will need an area approximately 10ft larger in length and width to fit the stakes for the tent. For instance you would need a 30x40 area for the 20x30 pole tent.


This is our smallest pole tent. It will seat 24-32 at round or banquet tabled.



This and the 20x40 are the most popular sizes. The 20x30 will seat 36-48 people at round tables, or 48-56 at banquet tables




This tent will seat 48-56 at round tables or 60-70 people at banquet tables.




This tent will seat 54-63 people at round tables, or 72-96 at banquet tables.


Larger Sizes

We have an assortment of larger sizes if you wish to do something larger for your graduation party.



Canopy Tents

These tents are popular because they can also be set and weighted down on the driveway, and unlike the pole tent you do not need the extra room for stakes.


This will seat the same quantity as a 20x30 pole tent.




This will seat the same quantity as a 20x40 pole tent



All of our tables are lifetime, white, composite tables. They are light easy, to move, and clean up easy. We have four different styles. 5ft rounds, 6ft banquets, 8ft banquets, and 4 foot tall 36 inch around cocktail tables.


All of our chairs are also white lifetime composite chairs.