Book your company event with us today!

With company events our main goal is to get the equipment there and setup when you need, and down and away when your event is completed.





We do many company events throughout the year. This

ranges from small business having a lunch or a

customer appreciation day to corporate events.

Common Questions/Concerns

 - Can we setup and deliver on the same day?

          Yes we even do our best to book an exact time that works best for the company. That includes delivery and pickup. We try to

          have your event looking great when we setup and your store or parking lot back to normal as quickly as possible.

 - Will putting a tent on a pavement damage the lot?

          No, we don't simply pound our stakes into the pavement. We drill a specific size hole that we fill in with plugs designed to fit and

          seal that hole. If it is an annual event we can use the same holes year after year so we have a minimul impact on your lot.

 - Do all tents need stakes?

          No, we also have smaller tents that we weight down so we do not have to drill into the lot. These work perfect for company

          lunches or retirement parties.